Acne – Treat It With Azelaic Acid

[ad] Many medications are available to treat acne. The problem is not the medication's availability. The problem is that one who suffers acne wants immediate treatment. No medication gives immediate result and this results to people rapidly changing their medication . They worsen it even more. The need is to treat acne at mild and/or moderate stage with a proven medication and be patient. Azelaic Acid is one such medication.

What is the effect of Azelaic Acid?

Acne Problem Among Adults

Acne Problem Among Adults

You get cream and gel formulated with Azelaic Acid. Azelaic Acid treats acne in two ways. It kills the bacteria P. acnes and it regularizes the excess shedding of skin cells that block the gland opening and cause acne. With these two actions, Azelaic Acid treats infected acne and stops further acne formation by opening the pores. Once the pores are opened, the sebum flows out and acne does not form.

Causes of Acne

Acne forms at the opening of the sebaceous glands that have hair follicle in them. In normal circumstances, the cells that form the wall of the gland exfoliate from the pore opening. These cells become dysfunctional and instead of exfoliating normally, block the pore opening.

As soon as the opening is blocked, the sebum starts filling in the gland and the bacteria P. acnes infects it. If acne is not stopped at this stage, the infection spreads deeper in the skin and causes scars. This stage is called- cysts and nodules.

Azelaic Acid stops acne at the moderate stage itself and helps prevent acne from becoming aggressive.

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