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How a High Fiber Diet Can Save your Life

Image via Wikipedia By now many know the benefits of a high fiber diet.Although there are many that do follow a high fiber diet the majority of people do not So what is it about fiber that is so beneficial to your health and what does it do within your body to promote good health. […]

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Childhood Asthma

Image via Wikipedia Considered to be the most common chronic disease in children, asthma affects over 4 million of children below 18 years old. If your child has asthma, it is best to be well-informed. Childhood asthma is characterized by the inflammation of the bronchial airways resulting to the production of excessive mucus, swelling and […]

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The Use Of Weight Loss Herbs

Image via Wikipedia Nothing has garnered more attention in today’s world than the success or failures of weight loss products. With a new product coming to market each day, it’s no wonder that as a society we’re confused and overwhelmed. For those of us for whom weight loss is an ongoing battle, we watch each […]

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Is Junk Food Good Every Day?

[ad] Image via Wikipedia If there’s one thing that’s typically always true about human beings, it’s that we love to eat. Now when I say eat, I mean consume a lot of food. But guess what? We’re not talking carrots and celery here. Generally we prefer to gorge on junk food galore. Why? Simply due […]

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