Fitness Over Fifty: More Important Than Ever


Fitness is important at any age, but even more so when we reach the half a century milestone. As your body changes, you need to adapt your lifestyle to accommodate the differences. Incorporating more exercise, stress-reduction and greater nutrition will go a long way in keeping you feeling young and energetic. Use the following article to get you started on a healthier path after age fifty.

Health maintenance. Your metabolism starts slowing down around fifty, and more of what seemed to come naturally may now become a struggle. Maintaining a healthy weight and level of fitness should be a top priority for you, so schedule workouts into your busy lifestyle and remain faithful to the process. You need not look like Mr Universe or Ms Hollywood to achieve a smart level of conditioning, just keep your weight down and your energy up with regular exercise and smart eating habits.

Preventative measures. Look into what supplements and other nutritional elements will keep you healthy as your body changes. Ask your physician about specific foods you should be eating or avoiding. Consider making these positive changes a permanent part of your life, and learn new and healthier ways of eating that will do more for your system. Things like reducing alcohol consumption, cutting out foods that will raise your cholesterol level or contribute to other heart ailments. Taking a preventative approach can really eliminate many threats to your health and enable a more active and fulfilling lifestyle for a much longer period of time.

Regular exercise. Always begin by stretching and warming up muscles, and never push yourself over the limit. You don't want to set yourself back or be laid up for any length of time, so consider a workout regime that fits your needs and allows you gradual strengthening. Incorporate exercises that you find most enjoyable, to avoid becoming bored or slacking off. Alternate rigorous days of working out with pleasant walks or bike riding to keep yourself on the right path toward consistent conditioning.

Don't let work take too much out of you. Job related stress is one of the major contributors to unhealthy minds and bodies. Years of working under pressure, meeting deadlines and pushing yourself too hard will eventually catch up with you. Nobody wants to work long and hard to reach retirement only to be plagued by constant threats to their health. You owe it to yourself to prioritize your health and well being above all else. Consider a home business or part time venture which may enable you to provide for yourself without the toxic stress of an overbearing boss or burdensome responsibilities.

Treat yourself more. You have certainly earned the right to more enjoyment and less of life's hassles. Once you have achieved a healthy balance of fitness, nutrition, and the need's of your career, make time for more hobbies and fun. Enjoy your family, your home and the things you love. This will contribute to your health in the form of reduced stress, greater satisfaction and a new ease of relaxation. Mental health plays an important part in our physical well being, so take command of anything hectic and negative in your life and try to turn into something manageable and enjoyable.

Working toward greater health and fitness over fifty may be tough at first, but well worth it in the long run. You need to do more for your body now, so your body can do more for you in the years ahead. Use the advice of this article to achieve a higher level of fitness and health, to keep yourself going strong for a long time to come.

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