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How To Deal With Running Injuries

Image by kharied via Flickr Running is a fun sport – seriously. Each day, people all over the world partake in the sport. Some run on the track. Others run in their neighborhood. People run in trails and even on the treadmill. No matter where you run or how often you do it, chances are […]

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Treadmill Workouts: Walking And Jogging Backwards

Image via Wikipedia Treadmills have created a buzz for fitness freaks. Everyone desires to own a machine of their own. However, just owning a treadmill won’t give you all the benefits. You also require that adequate knowledge to make good use of it. Nowadays, treadmills are manufactured with a plethora of workouts programs, suiting everybody’s […]

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The Major Benefits of Water Aerobics

Most of us think that aerobic activity primarily consists of walking, running, dancing and maybe swimming. These are all fantastic forms of aerobic exercise and are very beneficial to both our health and fitness. However the latest craze in the world aerobic exercise that has taken the world of fitness by storm is water aerobics, […]

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Fitness And Health In The Corporate World

Image by blahsfu via Flickr Many businesses have begun to understand that investing in the health and fitness of their employees is a wise move. They are also beginning to realize the effects that it has on their bottom lines. Because of this they have begun to teach their employees the concepts and practices of […]

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Keep The Body Young: A Senior’s Guide To Exercise

[ad] Image by Getty Images via Daylife There are so many exercise programs available for any age and level of fitness, that there is really no excuse not to get started today. However, there are some general guidelines for seniors when they do start some form of exercise. Seniors may find exercise more beneficial than […]

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