Five Crucial Tips for Diabetes Prevention


Whether you have a history of diabetes in your family or you're just worried about developing the disease, you can take many measures in order to prevent it. It might be hard work to prevent such a disease, especially if it runs in your genes, but there are certain preventative measures that may work well for you if you put in the effort.

Although understanding how your body processes sugars and metabolizes fats might seem like a difficult subject, all you need to know is that proper exercise assists your body in all areas. The more physical activity you do, the better your body is able to stabilize its blood sugar. Diabetes requires constant attention paid to glucose levels, and physical activity is a great way by which to stabilize your blood sugar and to actually help prevent blood sugar spikes when used in conjunction with a healthy diet. Needless to say, having stable glucose levels is how to prevent diabetes in the first place.

Fiber is like a miracle substance for your body. Not only can fiber help to prevent colon cancer, help you to keep a healthy digestive tract and help you to metabolize fats and lose weight, it can also help you keep your blood glucose levels steady. But beware. Since fiber comes mostly from fruits and veggies, and these items contain carbohydrates, you are better off taking a fiber supplement.

If you're a junk-food junkie and a sugar nut overall, you are at a high risk of diabetes. Simple sugars break down quickly and cause sugar spikes. Eventually, this could ruin your body's ability to produce insulin, a vital hormone that regulates your body's blood sugar levels. You're much better off if you eat whole wheat and whole grains instead of simple sugars. The complex carbohydrates break down over a longer period and are much healthier for you.

Having excess weight means one thing, no matter how much you'd try to deny it: you eat too much. Unless you already have diabetes or have some type of inability to metabolize sugars and fats properly, then you're eating too much if you're overweight. This means that your body's glucose levels are already all over the map and are probably too high. Losing weight now will help you to guard against developing diabetes, especially if you have a history of it.

When you do set out to lose weight and to get off of those simple sugars, a lot of people's natural inclination is to take the easy road. This means the road most traveled, like the low-carb fad diet. Well, these diets are more harmful for you than good for you. Your goal should be to create your own diet using moderation and simple principles. Avoid the fads.

Diabetes is dangerous, but it can be prevented if you're working hard to stay healthy. The body will continue to produce insulin as long as you're active and as long as you're working to regulate your blood sugar.

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