How to Lose Pregnancy Weight After Giving Birth

After having a baby, many women are exhausted by the extra responsibilities a newborn brings into their world and have no idea how to lose pregnancy weight after giving birth on top of everything else they need to do. If they are breastfeeding too, they find it difficult to get the time return to the shape they were in before they got pregnant. Here are easy ways to get going!


Yes, breastfeeding is nature's diet; it consumes up to 800 calories a day. Some women find it was all they needed to lose baby weight. It's recommended to consume 500 calories more every day that you are breastfeeding. Just remember not to keep eating extra helpings when you stop nursing. Here are tips on eating healthfully for mothers . It lists foods to avoid, plus what is good for you.


Walking is free and easy, and safe even after a C-Section. Pushing a stroller burns up a few more calories. Walk for 30 minutes five times a week the first six weeks after a Cesarean until you get the green light for more vigorous exercise. You can also climb stairs for 15 minutes daily.


You can do lunges while holding the stroller handles when you are walking. In the home, increase the difficulty by holding a couple of dumb bells. Some people have recommended holding your baby closely and use his or her body as the weight but we do not recommend this as you may lose your balance.


A snugly is a different story and gets our approval. Your baby will love it and the added weight will help you burn more calories too.

Ankle weights are another idea to add more resistance as you walk.

How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

The million dollar question; it's like asking the price of a house. It depends! A woman who exercised all through pregnancy, ate healthful foods, gained a normal amount of weight, and breastfed her baby could be back in shape within three months. Take away one or more of these variables and the length of time to lose weight gets longer. Some women need up to a year or even beyond that.

Ways to Lose Weight at Home

Exercise Equipment

If you are planning to stay home with your baby, it's freezing cold outside or you live in a rural area, you need to be more creative in getting exercise. If you can swing it, buy equipment and convert an extra bedroom or a corner space into a home gym. You can find good used exercise equipment on eBay. This will make it possible for you to get the workout your body needs without leaving the comfort of your home.

There is equipment that folds away under the bed or in a closet if that is an issue.

You can get off to a great start using free weights. Grab a couple of soup cans and do the aforementioned lunges, plus exercises for your chest and arms.

Exercise Videos
Not everyone has the space or budget for a home gym, so another good solution for working out at home is purchasing exercise videos. There are thousands of exercise videos available for purchase, so there is nothing stopping you from buying one or more of them. Again look for used videos if your budget is tight. You can do stretches, Yoga, or boot camp style calisthenics using videos for guidance.

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    Yard Work

    It's something that most people dread, but you should look at yard work as an opportunity to get some of your excess weight off. Things like pulling weeds, growing a garden and raking leaves will help you burn off quite a few calories. If you live in a particularly warm climate, you will have a larger advantage since the heat will allow you to burn off more calories.

    The Gym

    Exercise is much easier when you do it as part of a team. You may not want to be seen at a gym, but it may help you to find a workout partner. Another new mother would be an ideal choice, so you should consider trying to meet someone who has that in common with you.


    If it's available to you, swimming is a great low-impact exercise and an ideal way to clear your mind and get some time to yourself.

    Counting Calories

    Yeah. No matter how it's slanted, losing weight is a numbers game. You will progress much faster by burning more calories than you eat. Educate yourself on the amount of calories in your favorite foods, and also how to enjoy pretty much the same flavors by switching high fat and regular foods for lower fat and lower calorie items.

    Weigh yourself every day; it will keep you on track.

    Eat your food on a smaller plate so it looks like more. Eat with your other hand. Use chopsticks. If you are weak put your goodies far away – maybe in the car – so you have to go get them instead of having them right beside you.

    And, so…

    Keep in mind that you gained weight for a very good reason, and do not allow yourself to become so down about it. Gaining weight is a natural part of having a baby, your body has accomplished something miraculous and beyond amazing, so you do not have to feel less than wonderful because you are not as thin as you would like. Focus on being a great mother and raising a healthy child. You should embrace the new you, and be patient about losing weight without needless stress.

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