The Different Types of Heart Diseases

Yes, there are many types of heart diseases

Yes, there are many types of heart diseases

When you mention heart disease, usually you think of it as a single condition, yet there are actually quite a few different types of heart diseases which you can develop.

So what different types of heart disease are there and just how can you tell which type you may have?

Knowing the Different Types of Heart Disease

Heart disease generally refers to all different sections of the heart. It could be a problem to do with the hearts valves, the heart's lining or even the heart's muscles. Generally every single part of the heart could be affected and each part refers to a different type of heart disease.

Some of the different types of heart disease include:

Coronary Artery Disease

This is by far one of the most common types of heart disease and it is one of the biggest killers within America.

This happens when the heart is not getting enough blood into it and therefore it does not get enough oxygen in order to pump the blood back around the body.

The scary thing about coronary heart disease is that it can occur with no prior warning signs and that can sometimes, in severe cases, lead to death. Other symptoms of the condition include a possible heart attack and angina.


Endocarditis is basically a disease of the heart valves and it occurs in the Endocardium which is a membrane that lines the inside of the heart's valves.

The disease is caused by an infection of bacteria usually and once infected, surgery is usually needed.

High Blood Pressure

Not many people realize that high blood pressure is actually a heart disease. It is generally a condition which is caused by pressure onto the artery walls and it causes the heart to beat harder and faster than it would normally have to.

It is possible for heart failure to develop due to high blood pressure and also an aneurysm can also occur.

Congestive Heart Failure

This condition occurs when the heart does not beat effectively. This could be down to the heart being too weak or it could be damaged, and that can cause a lack of control over the blood flow. This lack of control of blood flow then ensures that muscles and tissues are not getting the right amount of blood and oxygen which they need, and that can then cause various different symptoms.

Constantly feeling tired and swelling in various areas of the body could occur and if the condition is particularly severe it can lead to a shortness of breath and very pale skin.

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