Treatments For Depression – What Are They?



Depression is an illness which is characterized by bouts of melancholia, sadness or feeling down emotionally in such a way that a persons normal functioning in everyday life is affected.

It is one of the more usual psychological problems and affects nearly everyone at some point in their lives whether it is personally or through a family member or close friend who is suffering with the condition.

Those that have depression may experience problems at work, and in their social as well as family life.

Depression can be a major contributing factor of suicide if it is left untreated.

There are a great variety of treatments for depression and it would be impossible to list all of them here, but you can categorize them into the two areas of medications and therapy.

There are those depression sufferers who will respond better to therapy whilst others will be able to take anti-depressants and continue to lead a normal every day life.

Because of this, the two methods of treating depression can be used individually or by combining the two under the advice of a qualified health practitioner. Each person's reaction will be a contributing factor to their treatment.

Treatments for Depression – Medications

The main thing to remember about medication when used for depression is that it does treat the cause of depression, much in the same way that taking a pain killer will not clear up an infection but will be suitable for simply reducing the symptoms of a fever or cold.

Anti-depressants can only be used to help control the depression symptoms but will not cure it.

Another important thing to remember is that depression medications will not be as effective on everybody. There can be side effect which will affect how it works for a patient and the results will be dependant upon factors such as age, sex, body chemistry and so on.

There are however a lot of people who will respond well to anti-depressants as a treatment for depression. How long a person needs to take anti-depressants will be dependant upon the severity of their depression.

Treatments for Depression – Therapy

Therapy is a totally different way of approaching the treatment of depression where a person is aided in many different ways including supportive counseling, cognitive therapy and problem solving therapy.

Supportive Counseling

The feeling of hopelessness is one of the main symptoms of depression that an individual will experience and supportive counseling is used to help ease this pain. This is the purpose of supportive counseling, to directly address the feelings of despair and hopelessness.

Cognitive Therapy



Cognitive therapy is used to address all pessimistic ideas, unrealistic ideas and overly critical self-evaluation that create depression in a person. The key to cognitive therapy is to aid the depressed person in realizing which of their problems are critical and which of them are minor. The depressed individual can use this help themselves develop more positive goals in their life.

Problem-solving Therapy

A person may be depressed due to certain problem areas in their life. The main purpose of problem-solving therapy is to find a solution to the areas in an individual's life that are causing them significant stress.

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