What kind of sleep disorder is it when a person starts to sound drunk at night when tired?

[ad] I am talking about a person who does not drink any alcohol, use any drugs (legal or illegal), and who has been this way most of their life? Also they are definitely a “morning person” but cannot focus well after about 8 pm and then start to sound naturally drunk by bedtime. (I know this is a sleep disorder because I found it once and now can't remember what it was).
I am not talking about sleep deprivation. I'm talking about regular and normal hours of sleep, such as 10-6 or 11-7 every night. I think it may be part of “Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome.” Anyone heard of this before? (I have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, the opposite of what I'm talking about here).

sleep apnea maybe, if your friend snores…the brain isn't getting enough oxygen durning the night because there is extra skin on the throat and breathing in causes it to close off the oxygen supply, which causes the person to wake themselves up several dozens of times each night (or something like that…).

My friend has it, and he sounds drunk (i can't stand it). he had surgery, but it didn't help. he pops up at 6 am, nods off like a drunk person if he sits still for longer than 3 minutes at any time during the day (sitting straight up), and wants to go to bed at 8.

and there's also narcolepsy, but those people don't sound drunk, they just fall asleep instantly.


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